FX Crown




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Product type: Air Rifle

Vendor: Derwent Air Rifles & Accessories



FX Crown. PCP powered air rifle. Fully adjustable Grey laminated ambidextrous stock. With FX Smooth Twist X barrel and interchangeable barrel liner system. This means the the barrel can be swapped between calibre bores and barrel twist rates. The barrel shroud fits over all the different calibre barrels. Optional barrel bores are .177, .20, .22 and .25. A new rifle will come with a single barrel in the bore stated. Hammer tension can be fine tuned via an external wheel adjuster. Externally adjustable regulator and adjustable air flow. This rifle can be fine tuned to any shooter. Match grade trigger. 480cc light-weight carbon fibre air bottle. Large capacity magazine. Dual manometers. *WE CURRENTLY HAVE THE .22 CALIBRE VERSION OF THIS RIFLE IN OUR SHOP*